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This is part one of the You Can't Take the Sky from Me resource post. It got large to the point that I wanted to split it into two.

This part includes everything but the fanart, basically. Thanks to abarero for creating the maps and Jolly Rogers for the crews.

Updated 09/20/10- Costume Designs


Version of the map without pirate territories and military bases.

I have labeled everything that's been mentioned in the story as well as a few other things. I'll update the map with any new locations as they appear. Pirate 'territories' essentially mean the area of the world a group of pirates is most likely to be found in. It does not mean that other pirates can't enter the area or that crew never leaves it. There are other pirate crews of course, and no doubt some of the territories overlap. These three are the main crews though.


Taliesen Pirates
Or maybe the Taliesin, the oldest crew in the skies, although their current captain is quite young.
Named after a figure from British mythology (although he was very possibly a real person). Taliesin was a fairly well known hero and bard (he also appears in Arthurian mythos). You can read his story HERE. Amusingly, his name means 'Shining Brow.' Their crest features a variant of the Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom.

Nuberu Pirates
Oh and there’s the Nuberu pirates, known for, of all strangeness, assisting merchants.
Nuberu is the name of the Cloud-Master (a god of clouds and storms) from Asturian mythology. Austuria is an autonomous community within Spain. You can read about him HERE. Their crest features one of the crests of Charles the I of Spain.

Ukko Pirates
The Ukko Pirates out of Fálki, the rulers of the northern seas.
Information on them to be added once they actually appear!

I am working on a logo for the Kosmider, but I haven't decided what to do yet.


These are costume designs for the cast. abarero is the artist who brought to life the ideas I had (and contributed some of her own), so thank her so much for these pretties. We first did them when tan0sh11_chan asked for information for cosplay, and I've kept them around ever since.


America without his jacket. His bomber jacket is just his canon one. The aviator cap/goggles aren't here either. The star cuff links are just kind of a personal touch of his own, not part of the standard uniform. There is also, of course, his captain's insignia on his vest.


The coat is lined in red, not white. In my head, England's coat and hat are a bit large on him. This is... well it's because they aren't originally his, but also because he's young and I want him to look it. England is a very young man in a position and mindset suited to someone older than himself.


Russia and the general Kosmider uniform. The generic 'Kosmider military uniform' is actually Lithuania, because it's got his general insignia on it. And Russia's pants are black with the silver piping, just like Lithuania's.


We tried to combine pretty with functionality here and give a few nods to her canon clothing as well, while still giving it the look of a Kosmider uniform. This outfit is my favorite in the story.


His uniform is the same as America's, minus his tie being a different color and a different jacket. As such, that's all we drew. The back says Honda. We did it across instead of upside down for more of a letter jacket feel, ala America's fifty.


His jacket is very flashy. Same as Japan, with the tie and jacket.


His mechanic outfit, complete with goggles.



The separate piece is an ammo belt that goes across his front. I figure he doesn't wear it all the time.


There's pretty much nothing on these outfits that could be considered 'steampunk' (brass buckles, lol?). With the other pirates, I tried to incorporate steampunk elements into their boots and weapons. But Spain and Romano have very rudimentary clothing/possessions. The reason being, of course, that they've lost everything. What they're wearing right now is just clothing England had on his ship. Very basic.


Brass buckles and buttons for both of them. Liech has an edelweiss flower on her dress, Sealand has a little pirate hat.


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